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American mortgage

American mortgage

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An American mortgage is a non-purpose mortgage or a type of loan that can also be used to fund movable property. This way you can buy a car on credit, for example.


LTV is % (mortgage amount and value ratio)

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American mortgage

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Maximum mortgage amount

2 700 000 CZK

Maximum monthly installment

11 250 CZK

According to CNB recommendations the purchase price of the property should not be higher than 3 375 000 CZK.

Own funds of 20 % are 540 000 CZK and will increase the chance of getting a mortgage. Individual banks may exceed the limits under certain conditions by 5 %.

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Minimum income required
Help The calculation of income counts with 2 adults and 2 children. Use the extended form below to get a custom calculation.


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Help With funds from the lease you can lower the interest rate.

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