You deserve the best mortgage terms. We will negotiate them for you, saving you time and money.

Current lowest mortgages start at rate 1.29% and entirely free of charge.

We state actual bank rates, we are able to negotiate better terms.

We guarantee you the best current terms with all mortgage banks.

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About us

The project aims, to the maximum extent possible, to inform mortgage loan applicants about the pros and cons of various mortgage products available on the market today. We want to contribute towards making available all information related to the given mortgage products, thereby facilitating decisions in such an important stage of life as a mortgage.

A mortgage will change your life, therefore please devote at least one meeting with us to this important decision. We offer you an objective comparison based on many years of experience, and we will recommend a mortgage which will be most suitable for your specific situation.

Throughout the world, most mortgage loans are closed through large brokerage companies. We are one of them, every 15th mortgage in the Czech Republic is from us. In western Europe this proportion is up to 80%.


I would like to thank you for your excellent cooperation when arranging a mortgage to buy our house. I was rather a difficult case for the bank, therefore I regard the approval of the loan a job well done. I must admit that when the real estate agent described you as 'a pike in the financial waters,' she was not exaggerating in the least.

After many years of experience with banks you were the first person who was not only helpful and friendly, but most importantly, kept his word. I will turn to you again with confidence when dealing with other financial issues. Wishing you many satisfied clients and more success in your work.

MVDr. Ivana Jelenová, Jedovnice.

Frequently asked questions

  • How long does it take to approve my application?

    A valuation of the property usually takes the longest. If you already have the valuation, we can arrange for an approval even within 3-5 working days.

  • I am 49 years old. Is it possible to obtain a mortgage?

    Yes, the sum of your age and the length of repayment must be a maximum 75 years. It is also necessary to meet the condition of productivity until the 75th year of life. Then the maturity period could be up to 26 years. For a longer maturity period you would need to apply jointly with a younger person.

  • How much will I pay for your services?

    Nothing at all. All services are offered to our clients free of charge. We receive commissions from banks, and due to the large amount of processed mortgage loans we are able to negotiate more favourable terms for our clients. This way banks save considerable administration and processing costs and we can transfer these savings to our clients.

We compare the offers of all mortgage banks in the Czech Republic for you

Česka Spořitelna
Raiffeisen bank
Hypoteční banka
MONETA Money bank
Unicredit Bank
Komerční banka
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