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Partial easing of CNB rules since July 2020

The Czech National Bank evaluated the measures taken in October 2018 and decided to ease certain limits. More applicants will reach the mortgage again from July 2020. This release also contributed CNB estimate about the overvaluation of housing prices, which at the end of 2019 amounted to 15-25%.

Summary of current CNB restrictions for 2020

The decision of this institution, led by Governor Jiří Rusnok, is to contribute to the stability of the financial system.

  1. DTI parameter (the ratio of the total debt of the loan applicant and the amount of its annual net income) CNB abolished in April 2020.
  2. DSTI indicator (ratio of monthly debt repayment to net income) was completely abolished and the CNB no longer sees any reason to monitor this indicator (it has been 50 % since April).
  3. LTV value (the ratio of the value of the property and the amount of the mortgage loan) was set at a limit of 90 % (the bank's possibility to apply the 5% exception remains valid).

The calculation of the maximum amount of mortgage DTI CNB abolished in April 2020 but some banks still calculate the value of the 9 times annual earnings for the maximum amount of a mortgage loan.

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